Extra TV Outlets

Don't let your current TV outlets limit your choices

Get TV points anywhere in your home
We only use high-quality wall plates and cabling
We will connect new outlets to your existing antenna

Are you Planning to rearrange your living space
or thinking about getting a new TV?

Updating your home interior provides a great opportunity to install new TV outlets.

Outdoors and patio TV points are a great hit during the summer time. Whether you're entertaining guests or just need to unwind, you'll never look back once you've experienced entertainment outdoors.
Talk to us about your new outlets

You should Consider getting TV outlets if:

You are planning to rearrange your living space and move TV and other appliances
You want to install a new TV in your bedroom (or any other room)
Your current outlets are inconveniently placed and are limiting your choices
You would like to entertain and watch TV outdoors or on your patio

Get clearer TV reception

We can ensure you will receive the best possible signal and continue to enjoy clear TV viewing for years to come.

Talk to us if you are getting poor TV reception:
We can test the signal on your existing points and diagnose the problem
If needed we can boost the digital signal with an amplifier

Contact us today for a quote

Talk to our experienced team and we will determine if you need a custom quote. Our expert technicians will perform the best installation possible for your unique needs.

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