TV Reception Solutions

We can fix your TV reception issues

We can fix pixelation and TV static
We can fix flickering and loss of picture
We can fix intermittent signal dropouts

Fix your TV reception problems once and for all

Fix Your TV Reception

Possible causes of your reception problems

If you are experiencing any interference with your TV signals, our professional team will deliver a reliable solution which may include cabling upgrades, antenna replacement, repair or antenna re-alignment.

Our expertise can address the common digital TV antenna issues such as signal obstructions, usually caused by weather conditions like winds or storms, damaged antenna or older homes may have flat ribbon cable which is prone to breakage and should be replaced

Antenna repairs

We will check your wiring and perform an assessment of your current distribution systems.

We can re-align the antenna to fix Freeview channels issues. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and fast response time.

Contact us today for a quote

Talk to our experienced team and we will determine if you need a custom quote. Our expert technicians will perform the best installation possible for your unique needs.

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